Lorne Park Mississauga


Lorne Park began as a cottage community and at the centre of the sleep little hamlet was a hotel. Visitors would travel by steamboat from Toronto to stay in the hotel for the weekend as a retreat, in the part of the community known as Lorne Park Estates. Around the area strawberries were grown local farmers, who made their living off the land.

Real Estate

Lorne Park Real Estate

Homes in the area can date back over 100 years although few remain today. After the war Lorne Park as we know it today came to be. Large homes were built on spacious lots in the 50’s and 60’s, and were considered to be luxurious. Many of these homes were bungalows which were in vogue at the time and the large properties provided the space required for these sprawling homes. Starting the 1980’s, and continuing into the 90’s and on still today large custom homes started to appear in Lorne Park. These homes were typically 2 storey with 4 or more bedrooms on sprawling lots. In the last 10 years many of the existing bungalows and even 2 storey homes have been torn down and replaced with modern architectural show homes that are finished with the best finishes available. Skilled craftspeople are sought after to produce some of the most luxurious homes in Mississauga right here in Lorne Park.

Driving around the neighbourhood you can see that there are many homes in various states of construction. Sometimes over 20 at any given time are being built. Some of these homes are being built for end users by custom home builders and some are “spec” homes. Those are homes where the builder owns the lot and builds a custom home to sell to a buyer who wants a new home but doesn’t want to go through the build process.

Many of the older homes are now being sold for lot value only in Lorne Park as the homes are considered too dated to bring up to modern standards. It is sometimes more economical to tear down and start from scratch rather than renovate an existing house. Lot sizes for custom homes tend to range from 60’ wide over 100 feet of frontage. Some lots exceed 300 feet in depth as well offering the owner plenty of options to create a outdoor masterpiece of a backyard living space.

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Lorne Park is renowned not only for the luxurious homes on large lots, and its tree lined streets. Being so close to Toronto, Lorne Park offers commuters a great place to live if they work in the city. The airport is also easily accessible from Lorne Park via the QEW and Highway 427. The Clarkson Go Train station is close by and offers plenty of parking. There is an express train that takes less than 20 minutes to travel to Union Station on weekdays.


The schools in Lorne Park are also another big reason why people love living here. The Lorne Park Secondary School is considered to be one of the best in the City. Hillcrest Middle School and the public schools including Whiteoaks, Lorne Park. and Tecumseh, consistently rank very highly.


There is also a lot of great recreation in the Lorne Park Area. Whiteoaks Tennis Club is an outdoor tennis club that a lot of members of the community really enjoy. In the winter there is a natural ice rink beside it for shinny hockey.

There is an outdoor swimming pool at the Fairfield Swimming Club on Christopher Road that has public swimming and lessons in the summer.

Lorne Park has numerous trails running through it for strolls, jogging or biking.