Building Lots For Sale in Mississauga

Gord Honor explaing all you need to know about finding a building lot for your custom home.
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Custom Homes

Are you considering purchasing land to build a custom home? There are a lot of things to think about when starting to plan your dream home. One of the advantages of having a custom home built is that you get exactly what you want. When building a home you get to choose everything from the overall size, type and style of home right down to the kitchen sink.

How to find a building lot in Mississauga

Most of the new custom homes are being built in south Mississauga, areas like Lorne Park, Mineola, Port Credit and Sheridan in south Mississauga. One of the reasons for these areas being so popular for custom built homes is the large lot sizes which allow for larger homes to be built. Another factor is that there are already a lot of custom homes in Lorne Park, Port Credit, Sherdian and Mineola thereby making these areas more deirable as a custom home fits into the community


When looking for a lot to build a custom home the first thing is to narrow down the area. Lorne Park, Port Credit including Mineola, Sheridan, Oakville, and Burlington are all good choices. All of these areas have a considerable number of custom homes that have already been built and there are many good builders to choose from that know the areas. Lorne Park Real Estate

Once you’ve narrowed down the community its time to figure out how big of a house you want to build. That will determine what size lot you need. Working closely with a Realtor who knows the area and understands your needs is your best resource. They should be able to help you with finding out if you can build the home of your dreams on a particular lot or not. 

There are conservation authorities that have jurisdiction in Port Credit, Lorne Park, Clarkson, Sheridan, Oakville and Burlington and can impact your ability to construct a new home. This needs to be determined before you buy a lot to build a new house on.

The street that the property is on, and even the side of the street needs to be taken into consideration. If you are planning on a pool in your backyard as most custom built homes in Lorne Park and Port Credit have for example, then you may want afternoon sun. In this case you’ll want the lot to be on the West or South side of the street.

Tear Downs

As Port Credit, Lorne Park, Sheridan, Oakville and Burlington are existing built up areas most likely the lot you’ll be purchasing will have a house on it, commonly referred in the real estate business as a Tear Down.
In many cases these homes come on the market as land value only as the existing home has it’s best days behind it and has outlived its useful lifespan. Lorne Park Real Estate When looking for a lot to build on in South Mississauga I can provide you with the assistance you need and also connect you with builders that have experience building new custom homes in Lorne Park, Port Credit, Sheridan, Burlington and Oakville.

Your Dream Home

Your dream home can be exactly that. If you have a concept in mind whether it is a classic design with timber and stone work or a modern home with lots of steel and glass, practically anything can be built. One of the considerations is to look at the styles of other custom homes in the area and try and not deviate too much as to affect your resale value. If you take a drive through Lorne Park for example you will notice a different trend towards the type of homes that you might see in South East Oakville or Mineola in Port Credit.

Finding a Lot For Your Dream Home Custom Home Lorne Park

If you are considering purchasing a tear down home on a lot in Lorne Park, Port Credit including Mineola, Sheridan, Oakville or Burlington give me a call to discuss your needs and I will help you find the perfect location for your custom built home. I can be reached at 647-242-2743 or email me at