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When Is The Best Time to Sell My House?

Blog by Gord Honor | December 15th, 2016

Should You List Now or Wait Until Spring?

Clients often ask me about when the best time is to list their house for sale. The general perceptition is that when weather is cold outside like it is today that it won't be a good time to sell.

According to the National Association of Realtors winter can actually net sellers more money for their homes. The reason is that during winter months there are less homes on the market, which means less competition from other sellers. This gives fewer options to buyers and the principals of supply and demand play a huge role in the real estate market. 

Generally speaking buyers looking at this time of there year tend to be more focused, there are less "tire kickers" in the market who are just looking. A tell tale sign of this is during public open houses. In winter I find the folks who show up are actively looking. On a nice spring day we tend to see a lot of neighbour and causal folks out to just look at some homes.

Another factor is that many large corporations transfer their executives, or hire new ones at this time of the year.

One exception is that if a home as a spectulaur backyard with a pool, great landscaping or other selling feature that will potentially net the sellers more money, they are perhaps better to wait until the property can be shown off without being covered in snow.

I often take photos of properites like this for my clients in late summer so that we are set to go come spring time and don't have to wait until the flowers are in full bloom to get a home listed for sale.