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Top 5 Most Expensive Places to Live in Mississauga

Blog by Gord Honor | January 3rd, 2017

You might be surprised by the results to see which community had the most sales of luxury properties in the City. Traditionally the most exclusive luxury homes are in South Mississauga and this year is no different. To determine the top 5 most expensive places to live in Mississauga we looked at freehold properties that sold for over $2,000,000 in 2016. The humbers were astonishing, and some communities tied for the number of homes sold. To break the tie I used the total dollar volume of sales of the homes in the $2,000,000 plus range.

In the luxury home market (homes over $2,000,000) there were a total of 130 properties sold in all of Mississauga last year. The average price of homes above this benchmark price was $2,723,000. The average number of 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. These georgous homes took an average of 45 days to sell.


1. Lorne Park was the most expensive place to live in Mississauga in 2016. During the year there were 45 homes sold for over $2,000,000 and the total sales volume in that price range was over $124,000,000 dollars. The most expensive home in all of Mississauga sold in Lorne Park for $6,300,000

2. Mineola came in as the second most expensive place to live in Mississauga last year. However it wasn't even close to Lorne Park with the total number of sales at 28, and a total dollar volume of $74,850,000 dollars. The most expensive home in Mineloa sold last year for $5,450,000

3 Clarkson was third in luxury home sales last year. There were 13 homes sold with a total volume of $44,792,000 in homes above the $2,000,000 price tag. The most expensive home in Clarkson sold for $4,500,000 dollars. Clarkson is very close in proximity to Lorne Park and in many cases is in the same school district and unless looking at a map some people aren't aware of the border between the two.

4 Sheridan including Sherwood Forest actually tied for the total number of home sales at 13 with Clarkson. The total dollar volume was about 5 million less coming in at $39,641,000. The most expensive home sold in Sheridan sold for $4,400,000.

5 Port Credit just edged out Erin Mills for the final spot in the luxury home market in 2016. Both had 6 homes that sold above the two million dollar mark but Port Credit edged out Erin Mills in dollar volume at $13,795,000 above the $13,315,000 in Erin Mills. That being said Erin Mills had their most expensive property sell for $2,585,000 versus the $2,545,000 that was shelled out for the most expensive home in Port Credit.