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The Real Deal

Blog by Gord Honor | November 7th, 2016

This blog is an insiders perspective on the real estate market. I will be giving you insights from transactions for both buyers and sellers sides of the deals.

My goal with this blog is to be able to help people make smart decisions, based on past experiences. Whether it's what happened on a multiple offer situation and how to win the majority them from the buyer side. Or how to avoid a very big disappointment on the selling side when a buyer can't get the financing on a offer with no conditions.

Selling homes is my specialty and I can show you what works and what does not work. Sometimes listings as seen on MLS are marketed very well, and other times....well not so good. If you're selling its important to understand what you get and how it's going to look when it's on the internet.

Renovating in preparation is another one I'll be getting into. You can definitely add value to your home before selling by making improvements. On the flip side you can also spend a lot of money on something that the market doesn't like and won't see an extra cent.