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Drones for Real Estate Photography - Not Just for Mansions

Blog by Gord Honor | April 30th, 2017

Recently Drones have been used for all kinds of different applications including delivering goods to consumers who have purchased online. In marketing houses drones are an amazing tool to help show a home in its best light. 

In the real estate business in recent years drones have been used almost exclusively when photographing and taking video of high end homes on large properties. Most of the footage was taken from altitude and although it gave you an idea of the size of the lot, and what the roof looked like it got to be repetitive after a while.  I believe potential buyers want a better viewing experience.

The image quality available today is amazing, and so is the stability of the aircraft used to carry the cameras. Technology is rapidly advancing in the drone industry.
A skilled done pilot can have the drone perform moving operations similar to the type captured on-set big budget productions. Dolly shots where the camera is rolled along a set of tracks, or a jib shot where the camera is moved up through an arc can now be duplicated with a drone. In many cases the drone is only about 4-8 feet above the ground level to achieve these images. A viewer may not even realize the footage was shot with a drone.

drone photography for real estate 3 Drones can be used to get great images of a home from a perspective that it would be impossible to get with a normal camera. In cases where the back yard is small for example a shot from above will showcase finer aspects of the area.  With videos we are now able to capture a cinematic effect in revealing the home as we pan with the our virtual dolly shot or from above with our drone jib shot.

drone photography for real estateIn this image LaRae Star, owner of Real Services Photography and I are working on a location shooting video of a townhome. Here LaRae is operating the camera while I manoeuvre the drone. The video footage from the drone is combined with the interior videos by LaRae's team of editors to create an amazing viewing experience. Great multimedia adds value to homes by attracting more potential buyers.